New Work on Etsy

I have some new work for sale in my etsy shop.  The series is a set of framed charcoal on vellum on graphite on paper drawings.  Basically, I did a tight graphite drawing on paper, then I sprayed it with fixative, let it dry, and did another drawing in charcoal on vellum on top of that.  It makes the darks deep and the transitions a little more ghostly, which I like.  A lot of the stuff on etsy is … how do I say this … feminine?  Is that fair?  So I decided to do a series that might feel at home in a man’s office (preferably one with the works of Teddy Roosevelt on the bookshelves).  I may add to it over time, but my next task is to begin a series of pieces that might be fitting on a shelf near the works of Charles Dickens.  I’ll keep you posted.

New Project Doodles

I’ve been doodling at the table in our dining nook lately.  I find it’s a little more fun than drawing in the office because it reminds me of being a kid.  Also, I like drawing while Alissa cooks.  These are  exploratory drawings for a project later in the year.  I’m trying to find a comfortable style for rabbit anatomy that expresses personality and dynamism, but that doesn’t look like a rabbit head dropped on a human body.

rabbits2 Rabbits1