The Scariest Man on Earth


I sometimes leave the office late, and when I go home I often catch a little of Coast to Coast AM on the radio.  Some days ago they had a man on talking about Russia and the KGB and Vladimir Putin.  I think Putin is spooky.  Not only because he’s pressing a nuclear advantage while our President is trying to dismantle our nuclear capabilities, not only because he shares a first name with Vladimir Lenin, and Vlad the Impaler, but also and perhaps most importantly because he looks like a high school chemistry teacher.  People with heavy lidded eyes are always a little scary (Consider Ethan on Season One of Lost).  They disarm you with their sleepy look, and then when you’re not looking they nuke/and or strangle you and steal your baby.

Anyway, I did this picture of Mr. Putin today, and although I could spend some more time on it, I decided that it’s time to call it a day, get in my car, turn on the radio, and listen to people talk about conspiracy theories and ghosts.

EDIT: I also thought it might be worthwhile to appropriate this post for Illustration Friday’s “Shaky” topic, because I feel Putin makes the prospect of nuclear peace shaky.


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  1. Another scary thing Putin does is steal Super Bowl rings that are being shown to him. *shiver* I had to quickly scroll down to the comment box, or my laptop might have spontaneously shut down due to the sheer creepiness factor.

  2. i feel like i ought to say your name like “zatch” because it’s not spelled “zack.” it’s spelled “zach.” you know, like “zatch.” zach. zach. zatch. zach. zatch. zatch. zatch.

    or, “zahk” like johann sebastian “bach.” zach is bach. zach attach. zack attack. bzzt.

  3. His name is Vladimir (short name is Volodja). Vlad is the short form of another name in Russia (Vladislav).

  4. That’s super interesting. Though, Volodja doesn’t sound that much shorter than Vladimir, but I guess it’s more intimate isn’t it?

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