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Here’s a picture of me in my spacious studio, and when I mean spacious studio, I mean small studio, and when I mean small studio, I really in fact mean bedroom, somewhat small bedroom.  I was displeased with my initial drawing of the hand of the fella in the previous post, so I took a reference picture of myself using Photo Booth on my computer.  Behind me is the closet of bad drawings where occasionally an old bad drawing will venture out to haunt my dreams.  Though now it’s getting so packed that they haunt me during the day in shifts.

Photo 20


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  1. So that closet is sort of a genizah of artistic doom. xD

    But you’re still better off than I am, because, while I don’t have a stack of bad drawings, I don’t have so many good ones, either.

  2. I confess I had to look up Genizah on Wikipedia. And yes, I guess it is sort of a genizah of artistic doom (minus the sacredness).

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