Nancy Pelosi is in the headlines again for demonizing opponents to national healthcare.  She says that the events seem manufactured.  As evidence she charges that the people are bringing swastikas to the town meetings.


Not surprisingly, Jonah Goldberg questions such a tactic.

“How does that work? What public relations genius says: ‘OK, we need these protests to seem like an authentic backlash of real Americans. Make sure everyone has enough Nazi paraphernalia!'”

(If you like you can read his full editorial here).

Thank you Ms. Pelosi, you’ve made the news fun again!  Anyway, this is a sketch I did tonight, with highlights in photoshop.


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  1. And, darnit, Nancy, d’ya know how *hard* it is to find enough Nazi paraphernalia to make a good protest? You end up having to make your own, and whenever I try to draw a swastika, I just get all tangled up.

    Jonah Goldberg is great, buuuut he says that “The Paradise Syndrome” is one of his favorite Star Trek episodes. I don’t quite see where he’s coming from there.

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