Sometimes I drive late at night and listen to Coast to Coast AM on the radio.  The host of the show is the least critical guy in the universe.  Recently I mentioned the host of that show to someone, and asked if they knew who I meant.  I knew we meant the same person when my friend said, “The guy who’s always fascinated?”

No matter how dull the caller, the host always seems on the edge of his seat.  So I did this quick sketch of what I imagined he might look like.



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I'm a writer and illustrator living in Creedmoor NC.

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  1. I just looked at a photo of him to see how you fared, your version I far better than the real thing. . .that loser!

  2. It’s always disappointing when you see the real guy instead of the mental picture you’ve had for so many years. That happens to me with the commentators on NPR. Nice drawing, and what a great idea!

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