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The Senior Senator from Kentucky looks like a middle school librarian (so does Harry Reid for that matter–actually Harry Reid strikes me as more of a piano teacher), but Mitch McConnell is the Senate Minority leader and the most powerful hand to oppose the Obama administration’s hopes at Nationalized Health Care.  He’s a sharp fella.  His opposition to Harry Reid’s motion to proceed is a fascinating bit of political maneuvering.  It drives a wedge between the Democrats and spreads confusion.  The weakness of the Democratic party is its loose and warring conglomeration of special interests, and prolonging the debate amongst Democrats about what to include in the Senate bill will cause the disparate groups to fight amongst themselves.  Furthermore, it illustrates to the American people the absurdity of the government’s promise to satisfy infinite desires with finite means.  Still, Harry Reid is pretty savvy, and Team Obama has proven itself ready to kneecap some folks Chicago-style to force its way.  In my lifetime, politics has never been this interesting.

Edit:  Since I’m getting so much mileage out of this Mitch Mcconnell piece, I figured I’d put up a nicer version.


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