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A couple months ago I did some storyboards for a 7 minute advertisement.  The ad was for Prudential South Korea, and I got to work with Cory, Del, Danny, and Breakfast Film’s DK.  It was fun.  The story was kind of … um… Asian?  I guess?  It would sort of take a sharp turn into fantasy land and then nose dive into the horrors of the industrial revolution.  Anyway, I like storyboarding, I’ve been able to do some minor projects, a couple commercials, and a cinematic video game intro, still I’m always a little frustrated by how fast the drawings have to be turned around.  The volume of drawings, their transitory disposable nature, and the fast approaching deadlines lead to some really rough panels.  The Prudential piece was no different:

Picture 9

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 5

Picture 4

And these aren’t even the worst!  Anyway, the point in storyboarding really isn’t the drawings independently.  It’s the sequence.  Thankfully, the client liked them fine.

Last night when I came home I had a treasure waiting for me from the fine folks in Korea.  They sent me a beautifully wrapped box.  It came with a sheet of paper that described what it is.  I think it’s called Najeon Chilgi, and it’s beautiful.

Photo 76

Even though I look like I just rolled out of an alley in this picture.  The box made me feel like a top notch diplomat.  When I opened the little lacquered drawers, out seeped feelings of peace and goodwill from the dear people in South Korea.


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