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Here’s something I started a while ago and just revisited.

I had a busy weekend and I uploaded some cover revisions and storyboards this morning.  So for the rest of the day I’m just doing some blog stuff and kicking back before I start on the underpainting for a cover tomorrow.

I get really frustrated with storyboards sometimes because I want to impress the client with a great vision of the script and really top notch drawings, but the working time always gets a little cramped, and panels that I want to render like this:

end up like this:

or this:

I’m actually pleased with some of the work, but I can’t put it on my blog because it’s for a video game that comes out in a billion years.  If I put up any of the work, the Play Station folks will actually get in a time machine, kill my parents, and I’ll never get born.  Seriously, they’re the mafia, but with time machines and lots of first person shooter experience.


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  1. Man those video gamers are hardcore! But aren’t storyboards supposed to just show the mood, and the action and that’s about it? I wouldn’t worry about it Zach. And if you need any help fightin’ the Gaming Mafia shoot me an email.

  2. You’re right of course. Story board drawings don’t have to be super refined, but there’s a paradox at work. The most creative projects don’t need to be super realized because you’re generally working with visual people who “get it” without much detail. Those are the jobs with cool stuff to draw. The least creative projects have to be super realized because generally, you’re working with non-creative non-visual people who don’t have an opinion until it’s close to final. In other words, they’re distracted by peripheral stuff. This stuff tends to have a man in a tie wearing a hardhat with a blue print stuffed under his arm smiling and pointing at something. It’s boring to draw.

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