Here’s a quick job I did for Timberlake Baptist Church in Lynchburg Virginia this weekend.

(As it turns out Lynchburg was named for its founder John Lynch [ferry service entrepreneur who first settled the town in 1757] and not after a walled town famous for lynching.  However, it is possible that John Lynch was related to Captain William Lynch (1742-1820), who claimed to have invented the term.  Though, it is more likely that the term “lynch” was coined by the more well-known Charles Lynch who suppressed a Loyalist uprising in 1780 with extralegal actions that, strangely enough, did not include hanging.  And to be fair, Charles Lynch might have also been related to John Lynch, the founder of Lynchburg).

Anyway, I worked a little longer on these trees than I should of, and it’s because I jumped into the project without a plan.  It’s stupid to not take some time to plan, especially when the deadline’s tight.  Live and learn.


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  1. Lovely! These are beautiful, Z. If only you could put them into a slide show and then leave it on loop so I could thoroughly enjoy the life cycle of the tree…. Oh wait.

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