This weekend, my girlfriend Alissa threw me a surprise B-Day Party.

A bunch of my favorite people showed up.

From left to right are Libby Ramos, Mike Meyer, James and John Tarala, Andrew Ramos, Paul Johnson, and Matt Silver.  The back of the head belongs to the classy cake maestro Erin Godbey.

Alissa bought me a sweet bb Gun, and we all took turns shooting at the targets.  Above is a picture of  me taking a shot.  I also seem to be wearing an entirely useless belt.

Aaron Greene, who’s pretty much great at everything, shows Henry and Jude how it’s done.

Mollie, their mother (also good at a host of things including momology), looks on with a pistol in her back pocket.  Paul, poses in the back like a viking.

Quick Draw Godbey.  He’s not messin’ around and he’s got the mustache to prove it.

My roommate Justin.  Posing.  Always posing.

Lola, Chris Koelle, and Marshall.

Cuteness overload: Lola Greene and Marshall Koelle.

Here’s everybody looking tough except for me.  I’m wearing that cowboy hat the way a little boy might on Christmas morning: 1961.  Ben Kammer looks so tough he’s stifling a yawn.

The Brothers K and Justin.

Here I am with my good friends Matt and Bill.

It was a great b-day party and a super good time.  Thanks Alissa, and all who came out.


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  1. Hey Zach, Happy Birthday!

    Looks like it was a blast. I imagine that the neighborhood is now much safer with a BB gun toting resident artist in it. Just don’t shoot any birds.

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