Here is some Donkeyphant spot art for the cover of a book titled Republocrat.  I’m told it’s like Augustine’s City of God, but updated … and written by a British fella.  The two immediately below were options for the final.  I don’t recall which one they chose.   Below those is the initial painting done with Raw Umber and Titanium White on Paper affixed to masonite.  It was pretty straightforward.  It always happens that the drawing they like the most, I like the least.  Still, the folks at P&R are awesome to work with and they pay on time.  What more could you want?

For the record, here is the drawing I wanted to paint:

And here was the other one that nobody liked, sort of a Mr. Planter’s.


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  1. I can kind of see where they’re coming from with the other drawings. While their legs and arms represent the donkey it still looked a lot like an elephant acting human and the donkey kind of gets lost (btw, if one of the two could get lost I’d pick the donkey). I read the final immediately as elephant/donkey. Great work.

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