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This video is the result of a helpful conversation with Aaron Greene a good many months ago.

We talked about our plans for the upcoming year and he began to talk about the benefit of personal projects as a means to get work.  Aaron mentioned that he wanted to do a film that could show off his cinematography skills.  Something narrative, but without actors delivering lines.  We both agreed that it would be good if possible to narrow the focus and exclude performance to limit the risks. Nothing’s more forgettable than a nicely composed shot that frames a bad line reading.

I left that day thinking, “What says cinematography to me?”  That night I thought that apart from explosions and cityscapes at snowfall, fabric blowing in the wind says cinematography.  So I tried to think of a story that involved the personification of clothing.

That night I drew out a page of tiny incomprehensible sketches and it sat around for 6 months as I did other things.  This past month I took a couple evenings and put together a story reel.  We’ll see if schedules permit it to be anything more.  But at any rate, here’s a short video I did in imovie of either the first stages or the last stages of a personal project.


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