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When I eat with Alissa in a restaurant, I seem to have trouble not looking behind her while she’s talking to me.  It’s a problem.  I get that, but last week I think it was understandable.  Alissa was talking about her day and behind her a group of Japanese folk were singing “Happy Birthday” to the accompaniment of a DRUM.  Yes, that’s right a drum.  I’m not making this up, and it wasn’t a snare drum or anything like that, which would be weird, but sort of peppy.  No this was the type of drum that MGM used when they wanted to indicate a sacrifice to King Kong.  Also, the rhythms were different.  The drum was sort of doing its own thing.

Let me set the scene.

Alissa: So this lady comes in and I tell her, we’ll be with you in a moment.

Me: Uh-huh

Group In the Back: Haaappy (BONG) Birthd (BONG) ay

Alissa: Words words words words …

Me: Sure.

Group in the Back: (Bong)

My hearing also improves when Alissa and I go out.  Not my actual hearing.  My peripheral hearing and it makes me easily distracted.

Alissa: What do you think?

Me: You should talk with him and say, I don’t mind stress at the job, but as long as it’s job related and not … um … and not … the … I’m sorry, I forgot what I was talking about.

Alissa: What have you been looking at?

Me: I’m sorry, there was a woman before who was like 6’5″ and she was staring at your plate like she was gunning for the top spot in a plate staring competition.

Alissa: At my plate?

Me: I think she was interested in what you ordered.  And just now the lady behind you said that she shops at Wal-Mart for bar clothes because they’ll get trashed.  I’m sorry, but that’s just interesting right?

Alissa: Really?

Me: Yes.  What are bar clothes?

Alissa: Where is she?

Me:  Don’t look now, but she’s on this side (taps table with left hand) right behind you.  She’s wearing a white shirt.  Looks like a mom.  Okay, you can look.

Alissa stretches and turns toward the door.

Me: Weird right?

Alissa: I can’t believe you heard that.  I can’t hear anything.

At any rate, I’m trying to focus more when Alissa talks to me, but if I should overhear anything interesting I’ll keep you guys posted.


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