This One’s For the Ladies

The “ladies” in this instance are my nieces.  I have four.  Two are baby twins, the other two are four and six.  They live about 90 minutes away.  A while ago I was drawing mazes, and Ashlyn, the four year old, wanted to know if I could draw her some more mazes and send them to her in the mail.  “What kind of maze do you want?” I asked.  “Princess Mazes,” she said.  I said that it would be no problem, but I forgot shortly thereafter.  Then a few weeks later, Ashlyn chided me over iChat that I had not yet mailed her a princess maze. This weekend I got to work.

I’m not really that experienced at princess-type-strawberry-shortcake-like color schemes, but I gave it the old college try.  Incidentally, my wife heaped more praise on that silly castle than on anything I’ve ever done.  Alissa and I are going to print this out and laminate it, and mail it.  I still have to do the Princess Clementine marker topper, which I’ll probably post later in the week.  I also might make the maze harder so that she enjoys it a little more.

I’m posting a lores 8.5 x 11 version that you should feel free to print out for the little ladies in your life with maze-needs.

I thought I’d end with the lyrics to “Oh My Darlin’ Clementine,” but it’s a super creepy nightmare of a song.


I added a more difficult maze.  Actually, it might be a little too difficult.  Poor Clementine.


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