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Wednesday night I got an email from Philip Chalk.  Now first let me say that I am very familiar with Philip Chalk’s work as an Art Director at the Weekly Standard, mainly through the blogs of Thomas Fluharty, Jason Seiler, Gary Locke, and Dave Malan.  Still, my email inbox seemed such a foreign context for his name that it didn’t immediately register as the Art Director I admire, and for a moment I thought it was a scam email telling me that a bank representative in Uganda needed help extracting some funds.

He had an assignment to illustrate an article.

I got the AD Sketch on Thursday noonish, and sent him the Final at two o’clock on Friday.  I had a little trouble with Mr. Obama’s likeness and for a while his face looked somewhat like a California Raisin’s, but Mr. Chalk nudged me in the right direction, and I think it ended up looking okay in the end.  I find it difficult to think critically about a likeness after staring at it for so long.  When I woke Friday morning to resume work, every fault stared back at me, whereas Thursday night, I thought it was spot on.

Anyway, it was a great job, I learned a lot, and the deadline was exhilarating.


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