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This is former President John Tyler.  He is most distinguished for assuming the presidency after William Henry Harrison caught pneumonia and died a month after his inauguration.  John Tyler assumed the presidency after the end of a bit of panic concerning the line of succession.  He was responsible for the annexation of Texas.  I did this for a project that might be taking up some time in the next couple months.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to develop it into a full-on oil painting.
Here is a somewhat recent piece for the Weekly Standard accompanying a funny article by P. J. O’Rourke.  I find his last name hard to say.  I feel self conscious when I say it aloud.  Same with the word “rural.”  Those double “r’s” get me.
Below is my sketch, but stupidly, I forgot to put room for the title.
I tried to hurry and work up a rearranged sketch (below), but PChalk suggested some minor changes that made it unnecessary.
And below is the final minus the type.  I’m glad of this arrangement because it allows the kids to be bigger, and they’re more fun to paint anyway.  I wish I had just a little longer to refine it, but that’s a bit of a constant refrain.

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