Here are some works in progress shots that my wife took.  I’m doing a series of paintings and it’s nice to get away from the computer every once in a while.  But I do miss Photoshop’s color correct options.

I know what you’re asking.  How did you get your hair to look so stylish?  As many of you who know me realize, I spend a great deal of time on my hair and I am always experimenting with new looks.  This look takes several hours and it is meant to simulate how hair might look if one just walked out of the shower, dried it with a towel and let it do whatever it wanted to do.  Like I said, it is an intensive process that involves a variety of hair products, candle wax, and egg yolk.  It’s part of what I strive for: A lifestyle of glamour.


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  1. Yes! Now I know the dark secrets of hair care! These days my hair style simply involves lots of goo.
    Beautiful paintings too by the way. You could also try some of the hairstyles represented in your paintings. They might be a nice change of pace!

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