If you know me or have read my blog for any length of time, you know I have the tendency to over-talk.  Permit me to over-talk about over-talking for a moment.

A few years ago I had a roommate that used to get in theatrical arguments with his girlfriend.  They were sort of passionate people.  One day in response to his girlfriend’s distress he took out a piece of paper and started listing things on which they agreed.  His effort smoothed things over and the fight ended.  I was impressed with his resourcefulness when he told me this story.

When I moved from the apartment, in the process of cleaning up, I found a piece of paper in a book.  On the back was a numbered list of random things–bands, foods, movies and things.  On the list, around number 9 was the sentence: “Zach talks too much.”

After a minute I realized this was the list of agreements my roommate had shared with his girlfriend.  Glad I was able to bring them together.

If you find that you like the art on my blog, but you could do without the commentary, hop on over to my behance page and look in peace.  Today marks my one year Behance anniversary.


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