Evolution of the Story Warren Logo: From Scare to Hare

Last week before Story Warren launched, I made a few suggestions about the logo.  Now, before I get too far, let me just say that the purpose of the site is to help parents tend the garden of their child’s imagination.  Hopefully, parents will be encouraged to till the soil, plant a few new seeds, and discern between the weeds and the plants.  Anyway, I’m not a designer, but I had a few thoughts and dabbled with the best of intentions.

The site launched and Sam started getting some feedback.  He emailed me and said, “People think it looks like a monster.”  I thought, oh brother, where are they getting that from?  I opened the page and looked at it again.

A Mexican wrestler stared back at me.

So now we’re going with this, which hopefully is a little less terrifying.


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  1. I wanted you to know, not out of meanness, that mexican wrestler was my very first thought. That and Strong Bad. Well done on the new one.

  2. I think it works as a large logo at the top of the page, but with social media shrinking the logo it creates a bit of abstraction. I don’t remember having a problem with the image when I went to the website, but when I started seeing it reduced on Facebook and Twitter as an avatar it became a monster, or as it has become affectionately known, the Mexican wrestler. It all adds to the allure of an imaginative site like Story Warren.

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