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  1. Zach! Lovely sketch. Your pencils are really super. I am OCD about pencil these days. Like, if you are doing pencil drawings for finished illustrations, you’re my best bud. That kind of OCD.
    Anyway, I just checked out the Story Warren, and it’s really fabulous! I will add this to my feed, looks like a great place for inspiration. I was wondering, are they looking for contributing artists/writers? I would be interested in doing some work for them, just for the experience.

  2. Thanks for your comment Will. I like pencil, and it is kind of refreshing to take something slightly farther along than the sketching stage.

    SW has only been live for about a month and a half. At this point because it’s still small I don’t really think they’re looking for contributing artist/writers, but you might check back with them as their growth will probably create space.

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