Calico Jack


A slender calico cat named Jack
Sashays like any fine quadruped,
But folks who notice him seem to lack
An obligation to see him fed.

.At noon the calico finds some things
Behind a crate in a garbage bin:
A cane, a hat, and a tie that clings
Around his neck underneath his chin.

.His cane provokes him to stand up straight
And step precisely with both hind feet.
This action makes him seem quite first-rate
To every passerby in the street..

Before too long children come with food
Some chicken, fish, and a plate of cream
This brightens Calico Jackson’s mood
And young ones giggle and clap and scream.

.At last we understand why good Jack
Should walk exclusively on two feet.
Though difficult to develop the knack
Once done, he gets to eat luncheon meat..

So now if ever a stately cat
Comes cross your path on grassy lane
Consider giving him food, a hat
A fancy tie, and a walking cane.

Give a cat a fish, you feed him for a day
Teach a cat to dress, you feed him for a lifetime.



Published by Zach

I'm a writer and illustrator living in Creedmoor NC.

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