Little Pink Riding Hood

This picture is a digitally souped-up version of a small watercolor piece I did recently for a baby shower my wife attended.  Initially, I intended to do Little Red Riding Hood, but the story seemed a little threatening.  A little girl gets accosted by a wolf in the woods and later finds her grandmother eaten up.  It didn’t seem a perfect fit for an infant baby girl.

So … I changed it to Little Pink Riding Hood and wrote this rather benign poem that we stuffed in the picture frame.  Maybe in a few years they’ll open the frame and find the poem.  The original painting in the frame can be seen on the Zach Franzen Illustration Facebook page.

Here’s the poem:

Little Pink Riding Hood

The tale of the girl in the hood that was red
Is known to us all.  Though the tale left unsaid
Is that of the girl in a hood that was pink.
The answer for this is quite simple I think..

This girl wasn’t found by a wolf in the woods
Nor troubled while taking her grandma baked goods.
She skipped and she sang on the road without stress.
Her walk in the woods met with perfect success

For there on the path strode a woman in white.
Twas grandma who laughed and said “Oh what a sight!
Your basket looks grand and seems quite full of bread,
And mine contains cheese for I thought in my head

To carry some cheese to your lovely homestead,
But sit in the road and let’s eat here instead.”
They had a fine time with warm bread and cold cheese
And pink riding hood said “why thank you” and “please.”

This innocent tale is routinely o’erlooked
By well-meaning people who find themselves hooked
On stories of danger and tales of suspense
Where picnics and cheer make no good earthly sense..

Perhaps if one day you get bored with the thrill
Of monsters and danger then maybe you will
Return to this story where grandma and child
Enjoyed a fun meeting and ate in the wild.


Published by Zach

I'm a writer and illustrator living in Creedmoor NC.

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  1. Zach,

    I love your artwork and your stories that so often accompany the illustrations are perfect for sharing with my kids (Levi is almost three and Kate is almost one). Thanks for sharing them with us.

    -Isaac Crockett

  2. Thanks Isaac. I checked out your church website and was excited to see your vibrant, thriving congregation. Good to hear from you.

  3. I love how you gave a gift that will give again in the future when the picture frame is opened! What a touching and beautiful poem as always Zach. Your illustrations and poems inspire and evoke much thought.

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