Captain Blue Jay Fan Art

My wife and I are reading through Scott Nash’s fantastic book The High Skies Adventures of Blue Jay the Pirate.

We read a chapter a night.

This book seems completely uninformed by what I perceive to be conventional publishing wisdom.  It doesn’t feel all that contemporary.  It’s a mix between Treasure Island and Wind In the Willows.  It possesses a perfect mix of whimsy and seriousness.  You get the sense that Scott Nash is writing a book he wants to read.  He’s not trying to appeal to kids.  He’s trying to appeal to human beings and I can only imagine that kids appreciate being treated like human beings and not like narcissistic, self-interested, non-curious, rebellion-mongers.

Scott Nash’s illustrations are also a delight, and I am burning with admiration for Candlewick Press.  They steadily put out a stream of books that treasure Timelessness over Timeliness and I think that’s gutsy and profitable for children and adults alike.

I did an old-school take on a Blue Jay Brigand in admiration for this charming book.  My wife and I are only half-way through (she forbids me to read ahead, though I have glanced ahead at the pictures), still if the second half is anything like the first, this book deserves the widest possible readership.


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