Mira Harp Duet Album Cover

I received the nicest email from a girl in a harp duo.  She and her friend perform in the UK with their harps.  That’s a thing — Harp Duos.  Two harps.  Playing at the same time.  The name of their Duo is Mira, and if you’re in Scotland you should definitely hear them play.  At any rate they hired me to do their EP cover, and it was an amazingly fun job.  They were a joy to work with, and I hope they sell a million copies so that I can do their next cover.

The Album was done completely with smudgy drawings and photoshop.

 Smudgy drawing of the girls.

 Smudgy drawing of the background and leaves.

This is the actual final cover with stars and a suggestion of strings.  In all candor I like the simplicity of the top-most image, but I do understand the need for the stars and strings (stars because Mira is the name of a star, and strings for obvious reasons).


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  1. Wow Zach! I love it! The cover really touches all the right bases for me: Smudgy Drawings, Trees, Crows, Scottish Music (my ancestors were Scottish), and Harps. I’m definitely buying this, if for no other reason than to have the cover in my iTunes library.
    Smudge on,

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