2016 Year in Review

Here we are at the end of 2016. Let me tell you a little about what I’ve done this year.

Ember Falls, the much anticipated sequel to the Green Ember, released. I did the cover and interiors for that project. Below are a few.
I love these books. They’re tremendous fun to work on, and they’re excellent stories. Check out https://sdsmith.net/ for updates and additional information about the world of the Green Ember.

I did a cover and some interiors for Crossroads In Gallilee the next book in the Choose Your Journey Series from Journeyforth. Below is a sampling.

I completed a project for Biblical Visuals International called Depths of Grace about John Newton, who wrote the song Amazing Grace. There were a number of illustrations (like 40?). Here are 6.

I did an illustration for Cobblestone magazine’s October Alexander Hamilton issue. It’s a good looking magazine, and if you’re interested in American History for children, check it out.

I also wrote some articles for StoryWarren. One is about Boy’s Reading. The other concerns George Washington’s soap.

This year also brought a few events. I attended the Great Homeschool Convention in Marchwith my friend Sam Smith and his brother Josiah. I also got to speak at a school in Greenville, one in Landrum, and had a few homeschool events at my house. I further spoke at a gathering in West Virginia and exhibited at this year’s Maker’s Market here in town. I was also interviewed by domestic theologian Allison Burr’s lovely children on the Melody, Mystery and Mayhem podcast.

During the day I work at BJUPress illustrating textbooks. Here is some of the work I’ve been doing at my day job.

These are concepts for British Literature.

This year I worked largely on Elementary Reading. Here are a few illustrations from Ben Carson’s story.

Below are a few from John Henry Races the Steam Engine.

This is a story about a houseboat caught in a flood.

And here are some from a selection of A Cricket in Times Square.

I also did various pieces for other books.

In addition to my textbook work and freelance, I taught a Digital Illustration class this fall at Furman University.

These are samples for the class assignments. One is a generic cel shading, the other is a lighting demonstration, and the third was a coloring assignment for the non-existent brand Jane Austen Boots.

I also did a painting for the faculty show.

All in all a pretty full year. Looking forward to seeing what’s around the corner in 2017.

Bonus: Here are two pictures of my growing girls.


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  1. The growing girls might very well be my favorite. 🙂 This recap of your year is great- so many projects that I do not know about that we can enjoy! Thanks for sharing. (Also, we are patiently, longingly waiting for a Green Ember coloring book. My girl drew her own pictures almost every time I read a chapter (or two or seven) each night so her little brother and sister could color them in. She never tired of it, but she did ask me to ask you to do it. 😉

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