The Angel Knew Papa And the Dog cover

I had the privilege to do the cover for the Rabbit Room re-issue of Doug McKelvey’s book The Angel Knew Papa and the Dog.

This book is excellent and a beautiful read. Doug spoke about the book a little over the phone before I started the sketches. He mentioned something about the book’s frontier quality and the previous cover had a Little House on the Prairie vibe. Doug is a lyricist and he makes sentences that are nice to hear. Many families who like Little House also enjoy this book as a read-aloud. I guess that kind of stuck in my mind, and so I did these rough sketches.

Doug immediately told me to forget the Little House on the Prairie thing. He suggested something more consciously symbolic feeling–something stylized and dramatic. I did these two.

He seemed uncertain, but I didn’t like them. I managed to convince him that a simpler approach might work better for online sales. Amazon and other sites have small thumbnails of the covers and it’s often good to have an image that can reproduce well small. He told me that he liked an image I did of Freya.

He liked that she was stylized and thought she communicated a metaphysical reality. He wondered if the girl’s anatomy could be slightly caricatured.

I gave him some options and he liked the blue one.





This was the one I took to final. This project was a pleasure and I’m happy to have been a part of such a lovely book.



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