I’m Zach Franzen.

In seventh grade a kid behind me in music class reached into a ziplock bag of pencil bits and threw some pieces at my head.  I whipped around and threw my pen at him.  It turned once in the air and stuck in his forehead.  True story.  An onlooker, desiring to confirm what he witnessed, repeated twice, “It stuck in his head.”  These days I seek to use the pen, pencil, or brush to create images.  Hopefully, these images might have force enough to stick in the heads of those who see them.

I live in Greenville, SC with my wife in a house with a lawn that I try to cut regularly so as not to embarrass the neighbors.  I love my wife, my job, and I really really love that story about the pen.

I should mention that I do covers for books, editorial illustration, and am working on a picture book that should be available sometime.

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If you’d like to contact me for awesome jobs or any other reason, you can email me at zach@atozach.com  If you’d like to take a quick tour of my blog click here.

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