A year ago my wife and I spent five dollars on a bird feeder and a couple more dollars on bird seed.  We put it outside the window of our dining nook and have since watched every species of bird promenade through our back yard.  We quite often get cardinals, and they regularly appear in […]

Goodbye Old Friend: Taurus 1999-2012, R. I. P.

Two years ago, the mechanic said that my ’99 Taurus had about six months left in it.  Wednesday night, the mechanic confirmed, after several hundred thousand miles, my Taurus is no more.  This car was legendary.  Despite the enormous abuse heaped upon poor Taurus, it seemed to always respond, “that all you got?” In Lancaster […]

Volkswagon Zoo

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while.  I’ve been a little slammed recently.  Here’s a finished interior from the book I talked of earlier.  I ended up doing 13 interior Illustrations.  The grandmother underwent some adjustments from the roughs to the finals.  She started out a little more like Hazel (from the show Hazel) and […]

Dear Mr. Goldberg

Allow me to express my heartfelt congratulations on your two successful books.  Since I am an illustrator, and it falls within my professional interests, I must profess admiration for the covers of both your books.  The smiley face with the Hitler mustache is iconic and jarring.  Furthermore, the cover’s simple design intertwines nicely with the […]