Aleksey Novikov dead at 83

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP)–Aleksey Novikov, famed director of the Moscow Art Theater is dead at 83.  The famous protege of Ivan Polikoff is best remembered for his 1949 production of Hamlet.  The play was interrupted before final curtain, and authorities arrested Novikov and accused him of anti-Soviet propaganda under Article 58 paragraph 10 of the Soviet […]

Alessandro Valencci

I just finished reading a translation (I don’t speak Spanish) of Alessandro Valencci’s 1925 Argentinian horror classic Hellephant: Footprints in Flesh.  For those of you familiar with Italian/Argentinian writer Valencci’s work, you will understand if I say I was scared stiff.  I’m know absolutely nothing about Argentinian fiction.  I gather they’re into magic realism because […]