Fall is my favorite time of year, and though the northern states are probably feeling the season more acutely, the south is now starting to experience the trickle down.  Just as stories of becoming are typically more interesting than stories of being, I think the transitional seasons are more pleasant than Summer and Winter. C.S. […]


FW inks and photoshop experiment.  Also, I should mention, I’ve properly indexed my posts and the categories are listed on the right hand side at the bottom, as well as tagged at the bottom of the post for easy reference. Update: Also, I added another gallery above if you want to see some older stuff […]


Alissa’s sister had a beautiful baby boy about 3 weeks ago.  This is the drawing I did for him.  Alissa has gone to visit.  I’ve stayed up late, slept late, and ate tons of sugar, but now I’m running out of things to do.  I can’t wait for her to get back.