Tragic Clinton

In college a teacher once remarked that Shakespeare’s Richard II is tragic not because he evidences great vanity, ambition, and moral collapse.  Shakespeare’s tragic touches come through the flashes of Richard’s promise. Take this speech for instance, where Richard rises to the stature of a man: Tell Bolingbroke–for yond methinks he stands– That every stride […]


I have some portraits coming up so I’m doing some tests.  I love how paint looks on a smooth surface, but I hate preparing the masonite.  I figured, maybe I could buy some ready made canvas and work wet into wet.  I bought some little canvases to try it out.  Above is a test I […]


Famed Playwright, Filmmaker, Author, etc. David Mamet is making some waves with his latest book.  The story, “playwright turns conservative” much like the story “man bites dog” begs for public expression. Apparently in 2004 Mamet discovered that he reviled conservatives but didn’t know any.  His Rabbi suggested that civility according to the Judeo-Christian ethos challenges […]