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  1. I wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I absolutely love your work! I also want to thank you for posting a bit of your process with the ‘Edwardian Script’ painting. I’m an artist also and went to school for Illustration. Unfortunately, the program focused more on the graphic design and communication arts part and not so much on art technique. Since art school, I often get frustrated with painting and resort to going digital to finish my pieces or using just watercolor and pen-n-ink. I really enjoy painting but am mostly disappointed with my end results. It was interesting to see a good example of underpainting from you. I think with my next painting (which is on the table ready to go), I’m going to force myself to start with an underpainting and see where it takes me. I’m crossing my fingers. But anyways, thank you again…you’ve renewed some self-faith back into my art process.

  2. I love your awesome illustrations! In the green ember, ember falls and the black star of kingston!
    I’m not a great artist myself, but I can draw coffee cups, cans, books and Tie fighters.(from star wars.) I’m writing my own book, so I could practice drawing some pictures for it!

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